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How did Rancho Del Rey begin? 

        Inspired by missionaries and the love of God for all the children of the world, Hank and Anne Moller sold their Pennsylvania home in 1954, packed up their three children and eventually crossed the border into Mexico where they saw poor and homeless children living in the city trash dump

       The Mollers began taking in “boys of the street,” and in 1956 they purchased a beautiful hacienda-style home on an orange plantation south of Monterrey, Mexico, to house their growing family.  Soon they had added more than 50 boys to their original family of three children.

Rancho Del Rey Frequently-Asked Questions

Who are the boys of Rancho Del Rey?

       Born into extreme poverty, violent and drug-ridden neighborhoods and disintegrated families, the boys of Rancho Del Rey often have to find a way to survive mostly on their own. Many grow up caring for younger siblings while trying to protect their moms from violent relationships. 

       Consequently, the boys lack basic needs--safe shelter, basic nutrition, and safe and nurturing family. Most fruits and vegetables are new to them. Physical affection is new or maybe uncomfortable. They are malnourished and desperately in need of dental and medical care.

     They also may arrive lacking the most basic preschool skills, even at the age of 12, needing to learn the alphabet and write their name. 

      They need healing from the trauma of abandonment, loss and abuse.

What is Rancho Del Rey today?

       Rancho Del Rey is a home and a big, loving family for boys who need a family, love, and a safe place to live. Boys ages 6 through 16 live simply and wholesomely in families, with good food, fresh air and room to play on our beautiful campus south of Monterrey, Mexico.


       A fully licensed and certified children's home, it has been a place of healing and growth for over 2,000 children in its 65 years of operation. It is a secure, therapeutic and restorative setting where boys can learn, grow and thrive.

Who cares for the boys? 

        Rancho Del Rey has a gifted, dedicated, loving on-site team that cares for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of the boys in our care. Our team includes house-parent couples, licensed social worker, child psychologist, education specialist, registered nurse, and cooking, housekeeping, and maintenance staff. 

       Most staff members are native-born Mexicans, including Director Danny Moller, who was born in Mexico to founders Anne and Hank Moller.

How does Rancho Del Rey "Heal Hurts with Hope?"


  • Family living with house-parent couples

  • Nutritious meals

  • Medical and dental care

  • Emotional and social counseling

  • Academic evaluation and educational plan

  • Mentoring and tutoring

  • Faith education expressed as part of everyday life

  • Wholesome outdoor play and sports

  • Arts and academic enrichment—visual arts, music, drama, technology, woodworking

  • Biological family support–workshops, counseling, medical services, financial assistance, food delivery

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Do Rancho Del Rey boys need my help?

       YES! You can pray for the boys, our staff and our ongoing ministry. You can share the Rancho Del Rey story with others. And you can give a financial gift that will change the course of boys' lives.

       Daily expenses—gasoline, electricity, water, food, supplies and services—are rising at an excessive rate. And it is only by God’s miraculous provision that we have met the heavy additional costs of operating during the pandemic.

       We are committed to paying our staff fair and reasonable salaries, including social security and paid days off for rest and recuperation.

       Your gift will save and heal vulnerable boys’ lives.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

       YES! Del Rey Missions--Rancho Del Rey is certified and a donataria autorizada in Mexico and nonprofit 501(c)(3) in the United States and accredited by the ECFA.

What is Rancho Del Rey's reputation?


       Rancho Del Rey is recognized as a children’s home operating by the highest standards by the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were the first children’s home to be permitted to re-open, and we were the first permitted to receive new children.

What happens to Rancho Del Rey boys after they graduate from our program?
       In partnership with Back2Back Ministries, the boys have the opportunity to continue their education after graduation from junior high school. In recent years 100% have entered high school and 100% of those graduates have entered university.
      Some boys are able to be reintegrated into their biological families, continuing to receive support until their transition to adult life. 
       The boys’ sisters can also apply to receive support to continue studying upon graduation from junior high school.  
      Generations of grown "Rancho Del Rey sons" stay connected to their former Rancho home as they successfully fulfill vital roles in their communities—as grandfathers, fathers, husbands, pastors, engineers, welders, politicians, businessmen, police officers, and others. Now they even support their Rancho home as they are able.

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